The Shift to Daylight Saving Time Continues to Torment

The Shift to Daylight Saving Time Continues to Torment

Whining increased?  Meltdowns over seemingly insignificant issues pooling on your kitchen floor?   Does it seem as though your child’s communication system has deteriorated to one phrase - “No! You are not the boss of me.”  Are the kids waking up in the middle of the night and staying awake? Are they waking early?  Or, are you pulling them out of bed in the morning? Have the bedtime battles reappeared?  Do you suddenly feel like a three legged monster with a child stuck to your leg refusing to leave your side?  Has the rate of aggression gone up?  

If everyone in your family is irritable, lethargic and feeling downright nasty don’t blame it on the phase of the moon, a growth spurt, allergies or even “spirit.”  No, the odds are high that despite the fact it’s been days since we sprang forward the tentacles of daylight saving time are still messing with our body clocks leaving everyone feeling lousy. 

So what can you do other than wait it 

  • Slow down.  Even if it means canceling an event, or skipping a lesson or practice.  Stop.  Stay home.  Rest.  Stop pushing and rushing. 
  • Expect to help the kids more.  True a mere two weeks ago they could happily dress themselves, finish their homework, feed themselves, go upstairs alone and get in the car independently – now they can’t.  Instead of fighting over it, expect it.  Before anyone falls apart demanding assistance proactively ask, “Is this a day you need some help?”  If the response is “yes,” help, but gently nudge by reminding them.  “Soon we’ll be through day light saving time shift and you’ll be able to do this again.” 
  • Offer more soothing and calming activities. Back rubs, massage, rocking, holding, reading, water play, Play-Doh, listening to music and going for leisurely walks can calm everyone
  • Recognize you are tired too.  Turn off the video.  Get off Facebook and go to bed.  Your body is screaming for a little respite.  If possible take a power nap after lunch.  Limit it to twenty to thirty minutes long.  Set your alarm so you don’t sleep longer and mess up your night time sleep.  Even if you don’t fall asleep you’ll feel more relaxed
  • Continue to maintain your routine on the new time schedule
  • Be strong.  Another two weeks and we should be back in sync. 



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